anchored in Christ amidst an ocean of competing beliefs.

Something to learn

About Colossians:

  • Paul as the one who writes this letter had never met the Colossians but had heard about them through Epaphras who himself was from Colossae and had planted the church in his hometown and indeed had spread the gospel throughout the surrounding regions.
  • From what we gather from this letter and the letter to Philemon is that if not all of the church at least part of the church of Colossae met in the home of Philemon (probably a successful businessman who travelled a great deal) and that there were a few people involved in it’s leadership. For example Archippus (who was probably Philemon’s son) seemed to exercise some kind of ministry.
  • Life in Colossae was not an easy one. It was a city of faded glory. The rerouting of a major road meant that it became isolated and was eclipsed by the more important surrounding cities of Laodicea and Hierapolas. It was also prone to earthquakes. People within Colossians lived precarious lives of economic uncertainty and subject to powers beyond their control.
  • “Syncretism” was prevalent in Collosae; it was a place where all sorts of different religions and ideologies existed and so the temptation was to mix and match religious ideas and practices from a wide range of sources. Among those religions was Judaism. The question then became where did Jesus fit in with all of these other gods, ideologies, philosophies and practices?

Something to talk about:

Read together Col 1:1-8 in the International Children’s bible as we include children + young people in our discussion.


  • What do you like and find encouraging?
  • What do you struggle with and find challenging?
  • What do we learn about God?
  • What are we going to take away to do?

Something to do:

Today we will draw and make a prayer anchor….each part of the anchor has a prompt for writing your prayer. You can use these prayer anchor as a way to help you pray over the next couple of weeks. Start your finger at the top of the anchor and trace your way around using each section as a prompt for focussing your prayers.

A spiritual practice to learn..

Below is my friend Nikki, explaining a spiritual practice called Lectio Divina and a way to use it over the next two weeks in the book of Colossians.

If you would like to learn more about Spiritual Practices watch Nikki’s video on the “what are spiritual practices?” page. What are spiritual practices?

Prayer prompts for today:

  • The appointment of a new Director of Operations.
  • That in a world of competing faiths, the Gospel of Jesus will sound as a clear voice.
  • To recognise where I am tempted to compromise my faith.

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