2. Where has God placed me?

In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the world – just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.

Col 1:6

Something to learn…
Col 1:9-14 “bearing fruit in every good work”

Fruitfulness where God has placed us
The 6M Lenses

One of the reasons many of us don’t always feel that we are doing anything really significant for God is because the only thing we think is really significant to God is having evangelistic conversations or leading someone to Christ.

Now, those are really significant things to do. We know that Jesus came so that people might come to know him and have a relationship with him now and in eternity. Talking about him is essential in God’s mission but it isn’t the only way we show that we love him and participate in his mission in the world. There are all kinds of ways to express our love for God and to bear witness to him in the fruit that we bear.

Here are six lenses to help you see the fruit you’re already bearing and perhaps spot other ways in which you might bear more fruit for God where he’s placed you.  

M1 Modelling godly character

When you model godly character – that’s being fruitful. How have you displayed the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control – in the last week? How did you do with that noisy neighbour, that incompetent boss, that irritating child? Lots of fruitful possibilities here…

M2 Making good work

We all have tasks to do, whether we’re paid for doing them or not – bathrooms to clean, food to cook, deals to do, kids to teach, people to serve… do we really believe these are important to God? What difference might it make if we committed our ordinary, daily tasks to him, asked him for help…consciously doing these things for his glory?

M3 Ministering grace and love

Forgiving someone who insulted you; giving someone a wise piece of advice; looking out for a colleague; just acting with selfless love… that’s kingdom fruit. Can you think of times this week when you’ve been able to do that?

M4 Moulding culture

When you help shape what’s done and how it’s done in your home or work context in ways that will please God, that’s good fruit. How can you influence the contexts you’re in so that values and behaviours and relationships better reflect his ways and help people flourish? It might be as something as small as helping teams or family members celebrate the small things that people might not notice.

M5 Being a Mouthpiece for truth and justice

And there’s being a mouthpiece of truth and justice… courageously sticking up for someone at work, or in the classroom, or snuffing out gossip… Perhaps there’s a particular area of justice that God has placed on your heart?

M6 Being a Messenger of the gospel

And yes, being a messenger of the gospel… taking the initiative to communicate the reason for the hope that you have in Jesus, or bringing a biblical perspective to a conversation, or just telling others the difference Jesus is making to you…

And they all work together… Godly character creates better soil for godly testimony; serving others selflessly makes the message of a selfless Servant-King much more compelling. Taking a risk to stand up against injustice makes the claim that God cares about injustice much more persuasive. Working hard to make other people’s lives better confirms that the gospel is about joy in this life as well as joy in the next. Our lives in Christ reinforce our words about Christ, and our words help others to see that it is Jesus who has transformed our lives and can transform theirs too.

And apart from anything else we become better at seeing God working in and through us. We see him answering prayer. We have more to say about the life we live with God.

These Ms aren’t another set of holy “to-dos”. They are lenses to help us spot how God might already have worked in us. And they are snapshots to help us see what God might do in and through us where he’s placed us. They’re there to spark our imagination and spur our prayers.

What has God been doing in and through you? More than you think.

What might God do in and through you? More than you can imagine.

Something to talk about…

Where has God placed you?

Using the 6M lenses, how are we bearing fruit where God has placed us?

What fruit might God be asking you to bear where he’s placed you? (5 mins)

Something to do..
your unique footprint in the world.

Write down all the people you have a connection with?
Write down what you spend most of your time doing?
Write down all the communities that you interact with?

Prayer prompts:

World Pray that all over the world sustainable aid programmes continue to adapt and that basic support gets through to children so that they don’t go hungry. 

Church Pray for our young people that socially they may find ways to engage with each other, to not feel isolated and to draw closer to God.

Families Pray for our children’s safety, that as domestic abuse increases across the country that God will protect them and that they find safe places.

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